how to install flutter

In this article, we will be discussing how to install flutter from scratch starting from Java to flutter run command. keep reading to know more

1. Install JAVA  form here

After installing the JAVA you need to set up the paths in the environment variable. The below video explains how to setup environment variables

2. The next requirement is to install Android SDK which is very difficult to install without Android Studio. The main purpose of installing Android Studio is for downloading the Android SDK. If already have Android SDK installed in your machine you can skip this. The below video explains how to install Android Studio.

As this video explains how to setup the Android Device to live debug your apps. By using a real device you are no more dependent on android studio otherwise you have to use a virtual device which is relatively slower than a real device.

3. Download the Flutter SDK: you can download flutter by two means

  1. By Git clone: if you have already installed Git than run this command in command prompt. First Navigate to the desired folder where you want to install flutter by cd command next download flutter by this command
    git clone
  2. By downloading directly: Go to on the right-hand side there is a green button is written “clone or download” click that and “Download ZIP” and extract it to any folder you want.

4. Let the computer know that Flutter is present in the computer: By setting the path of Flutter bin folder to the environment variables you can access flutter command outside flutter directory

your_path_to_flutter\flutter\bin Add this to your System Path variable.

5. Now run the command flutter doctor if it is giving ” ‘flutter’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. ” try to open the command prompt as administrator even after that it is not resolved than restart the PC. And Run the  flutter doctor command

6. Install Visual Studio code: Any IED is perfect but Visual Studio code is easy. After installing install one extemsion in VS code from here  which will help you to get IntelliSense for DART.

7. Create your first project by running this flutter create YOUR_PROJRCT_NAME

8. Connect your device to your PC make sure that USB debugging is enabled or else use Android Virtual Device (AVD) from the android studio.

9. Run your app, with flutter run command it will take some time and will be shown to your screen

10. To modify your app you should go to file named main.dart inside lib folder which is the main entry point for all flutter project. If you modify any code just press r in the command prompt, the latest changes will be shown to the screen.

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